Midnight Mass Book II Psalms (2021) S01 E02 Ending Explained

Midnight Mass Season 01 Episode 02

The second episode of Midnight Mass (Book II Psalms) starts from the last scene of episode one. The beach is surrounded by the corpses of cats and seagulls are all over them. The first scene of the second episode is a seven minutes long shot taken by director Mike Flanagan. Sheriff, Mayor, Riley, and some other residents of the island come into the scene, talk, and leave. From the Sheriff’s investigation, you know that every cat is not just simply dead but they are murdered by twisting the neck. Another spooky thing is every cat has a hole in the throat but no blood is in the seashore. Whatever, Sheriff and Ali decide to burn them all. Cat mystery ends here just like that.

On the other side, the new priest’s father Paul continues his Mass in the Church, but a few are attended. You find, Leeza and her mother Dolly are regular in the Mass. Father Paul feeds wine & bread after mass as ‘the body of Christ’. He also performs a mass for Mildred (mother of Sarah) and also feeds bread & wine as ‘the body of Christ’ and Sarah noticed that.

Some strange things are happening under the table on the island. Annie starts to see clearly without glasses, but she doesn’t take it so seriously. At night, we realize a creature is flying in the sky by a first-person screenshot. The flying creature landed on the ground and Warren noticed the sound. But he doesn’t find anything suspicious. After some time the drug dealer crosses the area and hears someone calling by his name inside an abandoned house. He became curious and entered. Then a tall shadow with a pair of eyes captures him at an incredible speed.

The people of Crockett enjoy the annual ash pot festival and father Paul staring at Sarah Gunning. After noticing that Sarah says her friend that previous father Monsignor Pruitt was also looking at her in the same way.

At the festival, Joe’s dog Pike ate something poisonous and died instantly. Joe suspected towards the church lady Bev and somehow you can understand that is true. Because, before the festival, Erin Green finds her using rat poison and Bev didn’t tell her where she is going to use it. In the incident of Pike’s death, the Sheriff also finds that Bev is guilty and she did it on purpose. But Bev acknowledges that is just an accident. So, the Sheriff does not take any further action on it.

Riley needs to attend an AA meeting on the main island. Who doesn’t know what AA meeting is for those, AA stands for Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. This meeting is for those people who were badly addicted to alcohol and did something violent as drunk. So, attending AA meetings became a legal procedure for Riley. Father Paul somehow knew about this and he arranged a one-one AA meeting on the Crockett so that Riley wouldn’t have to go to the main island anymore. They start this meeting and ongoing this Riley & Father Paul become closer to each other. As Father Paul is a philosophical and religious person, Riley is also affected by that and comes closer to the religion from an atheist.

Another Sunday comes, mass ends, and Father Paul gives everyone bread & wine. But this day is not like other days at all. It’s time to take bread for Leeza who is unable to move without a wheelchair. But Father Paul wants her to take bread on her feet. Every person in the church protests Leeza and says ‘it’s cruel’, ‘are you joking Father?’, ‘how do you ask like that?’, ‘this is insane’. But Father Paul gets a stone ethos on his face and repeatedly asks Leeza ‘the body of Christ’.

Leeza stands from the wheelchair. Walk on her feet and take the bread from Father.

This is a miracle (from God!).

The first episode of Midnight Mass: Book II Psalms ends here.

Midnight Mass Book I Genesis (2021) S01 E01

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Brainless Pen

Brainless Pen

Brainless Pen is a horror movie review website with an exemplary model for others. Our official website https://www.brainlesspen.com/

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